Tim Howell Takes Off, Team Trouble Sweeps Weekend Road Trip

OAKLAND,CA–Team Trouble sweeps out the weekend road trip with a 131-101 victory over the Oakland Townhawks Sunday night

The ABA season is in full swing and with two wins in the columns already Team Trouble looks to be going in the right path picking up their second victory of the season this weekend.

One of the biggest stars of the weekend happens to be one of the newest additions to the team. His name Tim Howell a Whitman College Alumni and a top NCAA D3 Athlete of The Year. Howell’s adjustment to ABA play has surprised many in the Far West Region. His performance this weekend seems to be only the start of what could possibly be an ABA Howell era.

Howell ended the night out with 12 two-pointers and 1 three-pointer to combine for 29-points. Following Howell in points was Smith, who also tallied 29-points and Mike McChristian right behind with 22-points. 

Team Trouble now heads back home for a weekend of games to kick off their home ABA Opener, while the Oakland Townhawks take the road to play the San Diego Kings and Guardians.


                          Q1     Q2      Q3     Q4   FINAL

TEAM TROUBLE                                  37           28               33           33      131

OAKLAND TOWNHAWKS                  18           29               32           22       101


1 Mike Nunnally* FT:2-4|2-Pointers:5|3-Pointers:0|TP:12

3 Tim Howell FT:0-0|2-Pointers:12|3-Pointers:1|TP:29

11 Christian Williams* FT:2-2|2-Pointers:3|3-Pointers:2|TP:14

13 Aaron Stallworth* FT:0-0|2-Pointers:1|Three Pointers:0|TP:2

14 Shawn Smith* FT:8-10|2-Pointers:6|3-Pointers:3|TP:29

15 Mike McChristian FT:4-5|2-Pointers:9|3-Pointers:0|TP:22

21 Jorge Castro FT:0-0|2-Pointers:2|3-Pointers:0|TP:4

 23 Mikel Bringham FT:5-6|2-Pointers:3|3-Pointers:0|TP:11

24 Sammy Allen FT:0-0|2-Pointers:0|3-Pointers:0|TP:0

35 Alex Simmons FT:0-0|2-Pointers:0|3-Pointers:0|TP:0

45 Leo Svete FT:0-0|2-Pointers:2|3-Pointers:1|TP:7

55 Eric King* FT:1-4|2-Pointers:0|3-Pointers:0|TP:1



“For next weekends game it’s going to take our whole team to seat focused on defense and pushing the tempo offensive end to wear down our opponent” said Team Trouble Guard, Tim Howell. “To all my friends and family I would like to say thank you for all the love and support. I truly appreciate you for all the continued support in my basketball journey. Love you all so much.”

“After tonight’s win I feel like a statement has been made that we are here to compete in the Far West Region,” said Team Trouble Forward,Shawn Smith. “The next step for us is to continue to get better at practice and work together as a team to succeed.”


Team Trouble vs. Sacramento Super Kats

Saturday, November 10th- 6:00 p.m. Doors/5:30 p.m. Tip Off/6:00 p.m.

ABA Home Opener // Rival Game

Team Trouble vs. Contra Costa County Delta Stars

Sunday, November 11th- 2:00 p.m. Doors/1:30 p.m. Tip Off/2:00 p.m.

Team Trouble vs. Oaktown Warriors

Saturday, November 17th- 6:00 p.m. Doors/5:30 p.m. Tip Off/6:00 p.m.