Q1    Q2    Q3     Q4        FINAL

TEAM TROUBLE                       27     26     22     23         98

SACRAMENTO SUPER KATS  29     26     26     29        110

LATHROP, CA- Fouls become too costly, as Team Trouble falls to the Sacramento Super Kats 110-98.

Team Trouble now will hope to make a fast turn around, as they welcome in the Contra Costa County Delta Stars tomorrow afternoon, while the Sacramento Super Kats take a break before resuming play next weekend.


#2 Ezra Kiedrowski                    FT:0-0 | 2-Pointers:0 | 3-Pointers:0  | TP:0
#3 Tim Howell                             FT:5-5 | 2-Pointers:11 | 3-Pointers:0 | TP:27

#6 Ryan Gaarder                         FT:0-0 | 2-Pointers:0 | 3-Pointers:0 | TP:0
#11 Christian Williams*            FT:2-3 | 2-Pointers:3 | 3-Pointers:4 | TP:20
#13 Aaron Stallworth*               FT:3-4 | 2-Pointers:2 | 3-Pointers:0 | TP:7
#14 Shawn Smith *                     FT 0-2 | 2-Pointers:1 | 3-Pointers:1 | TP:5

#20 Walter Jackson*                   FT:0-0 | 2-Pointers:4 | 3-Pointers:3 | TP:17

#21 Jorge Castro                          FT:0-0 | 2-Pointers:0 | 3-Pointers:0 | TP:0

#23 Mikel Bringham                   FT:3-3 | 2-Pointers:5 | 3-Pointers:1 | TP:16

#32 Jamal Thomas                       FT:0-0 | 2-Ponters:1 | 3-Pointers:0 | TP:0

#35 Alex Simmons                      FT:1-2 | 2-Pointers:1 | 3-Pointers:0 | TP:3                   

#55 Eric King*                             FT:1-2 | 2-Pointers:1 | 3-Pointers:0 | TP:3                         


INACTIVES:Booker Shabaaz, Dante Miller, Mike Nunnally and Mike McChristian


“We went up early and started relying on the jump shot a lot instead of sticking to what was working, tonight was a good test for us early in the season” said Team Trouble Point Guard, Eric King. “It was exciting seeing the fans out tonight supporting us I wish we could of gave them a home win tonight, but will be back tomorrow.”

“Tonight we kind of beat ourselves, not going back to fundamental basketball ” said Team Trouble GM, Jovan Bankston. “Definitely loved the support of fans tonight hoping we get some more in tomorrow it’s going to be a fast turn around for the guys.”


Team Trouble vs. Contra Costa County Delta Stars

Sunday, November 11th- 2:00 p.m. Doors/1:30 p.m. Tip Off/2:00 p.m.

Team Trouble vs. Oaktown Warriors

Saturday, November 17th- 6:00 p.m. Doors/5:30 p.m. Tipoff/6:00 p.m.

Team Trouble vs. San Francisco City Cats

Sunday, November 18th- 6:00 p.m. Doors/5:30 p.m. Tipoff/6:00 p.m.