Team Trouble Executive Director Jovan Bankston Promoted

SAN JOAQUIN COUNTY,CA—Jovan Bankston has been promoted to General Manager of Team Trouble, CEO James Paul announced Thursday on KXVS Radio.

“Bankston has proven himself over the past year to be the point for the whole organization,”said Paul.”He is a natural fit for the position.”

Bankston, who served as Executive Director last season, will replace JD Heinrich, who stepped down following the conclusion of the season.

“My reaction to being promoted was grateful and thankful,”said Bankston.”It never mattered what title I held with Team Trouble,as long as we were bringing success I was happy.”

As the ABA season fast approaches Bankston will look to take his experiences as Executive Director to his new role.

“My main goal is to build upon last year’s success,”said Bankston.”I want our organization to be one of the most recognizable franchise in ABA.”