Derrick Wofford Back; Team Trouble Bounce Back

LATHROP, CA- Team Trouble bounces back with a big 145-101 win over the Contra Costa County Delta Stars.

With tonight’s 145-101 win the team surpassed it’s most points scored in a single game record passing up the previous record of 144 scored in last Saturday’s matchup.   

Team Trouble will be back to work next Saturday against the Oaktown Warriors at home, while the Contra Costa County Delta Stars take a break before taking on the Los Angeles Smooth next Sunday also at home.


                                                                                    Q1    Q2     Q3    Q4   FINAL

TEAM TROUBLE                                                      23     40     38     44     145

CONTRA COSTA COUNTY DELTA STARS          30     14     22     35     101



#2 Ezra Kiedrowski          FT:0-0 | 2-Pointers:0 | 3-Pointers:0 | TP:0                   
#3 Tim Howell*                 FT:0-0 | 2-Pointers:11 | 3-Pointers:2 | TP:28             

#6 Ryan Gaarder              FT:0-0 | 2-Pointers:2 | 3-Pointers:1 | TP:7   

#9 Booker Shabazz*      FT:2-2 | 2-Pointers:6 | 3-Pointers:1| 4-Pointers:1 | TP:21            
#11 Christian Williams      FT:2-2 | 2-Pointers:3 | 3-Pointers:2 | 4-Pointers:1 | TP:18  
#13 Aaron Stallworth*      FT:2-2 | 2-Pointers:6 | 3-Pointers:0 | TP:14                

#17 DeAndre Winston      FT:0-0 | 2-Pointers:2 | 3-Pointers:0 | TP:4  

#21 Jorge Castro             FT:0-0 | 2-Pointers:0 | 3-Pointers:0 | TP:0  

#22 Derrick Wofford         FT:0-0 | 2-Pointers:2 | 3-Pointers:7 | TP:25  

#23 Mikel Bringham*        FT:2-2 | 2-Pointers:3 | 3-Pointers:2 | TP:14

#32 Jamal Thomas           FT:2-2 | 2-Pointers:0 | 3-Pointers:0 | TP:4                                

#35 Alex Simmons           FT:0-0 | 2-Pointers:1 | 3-Pointers:1 | TP:5            

#55 Eric King*                  FT:0-0 | 2-Pointers:2 | 3-Pointers:1 | TP:7          


INACTIVES:Shawn Smith, Walter Jackson, Dante Miller, Mike Nunnally and Mike McChristian


“Im just happy to be back, I took off a couple of games to take some personal time” said Team Trouble Point Guard, Derrick Wafford. “We came out ready to win and play defense, we proved it tonight that we are the better team.”

“It was a great feeling getting the win tonight and putting up big points early in the season” said Team Trouble Point Guard, Tim Howell. “Heading into next weekend we just just need to work on our defense and offensive sets and we should be good to go.”

“It was great to see the guys bounce back after a tough loss last night,” said Team Trouble GM, Jovan Bankston. “Having Derrick Wofford back in the lineup tonight really helped us, a big welcome back to him.”


Team Trouble vs. Oaktown Warriors

Saturday, November 17th- 6:00 p.m. Doors/5:30 p.m. Tipoff/6:00 p.m.

Team Trouble vs. San Francisco City Cats

Sunday, November 18th- 6:00 p.m. Doors/5:30 p.m. Tipoff/6:00 p.m.

Team Trouble vs. San Diego Kings

Saturday, December 8th – 7:00 p.m. Doors/6:30 p.m. Tipoff/7:00 p.m.