ABA Gold Draft Recap

SAN JOAQUIN COUNTY,CA—This past weekend had many top ABA players on the edge of there seat during the 2018 ABA Gold Draft. Two of those players, particularly being #20 Walter Jackson and #11 Christian Williams.

As the draft began the two waited patiently for their name to be called. Four rounds went by and still no word that the two had been drafted. Untill three rounds later when the Atlanta Hotballers took Christian Williams at pick #50. Nine picks later the LA Superstars took Walter Jackson at pick #59 to give the two a sigh of relief. As the draft concluded the two were not afraid to say how they felt.

“My reaction on getting drafted was a joyful one,” said Williams.”I don’t know much about the team, but it’s a pleasure to know they want me to represent them.”

“I was pretty excited, being that last season was the first season playing for the ABA,” said Jackson.”To be recognized to represent my team and my family is huge and humbling for me”

The ABA Gold League very similar to NBA Summer League will feature a total of eight teams that will face off against each other over eight weeks in Las Vegas,Nevada. The league is changing the game of basketball with its “First To 50” format. In the First To 50 format, games are won by the first team to reach 50 points or above while leading by two.

As the start of the ABA Gold season approches the two will look to prepare for the big tipoff scheduled for August 4th in Las Vegas,Nevada.

“I plan to bring my usual. Hustle, heart, buckets and a whole lot of game, no I’m joking  just not about the whole lot of game part,” said Williams.”I’m coming to compete.”

“Now that the process is over I am happy that the LA Superstars chose me,” said Jackson. “I’m ready to come in and help the team win games”